The Elegant Empire: Season 1

Aug. 07, 2023
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Ki-yoon is a clever and good-looking chairman of Elegant Empire Entertainment. He is a rich romanticist of the century who seems perfect on the outside, but he is also an ambitious man with a dark secret that he cannot tell others. His wife, Shin Ju-kyung, was able to rise from poverty by marrying Ki-yoon, just like Cinderella from the fairytale. She is a perfect mother and a lovely wife with a great career until an unexpected incident steals everything away from her. Jung Woo-hyuk, a rookie actor of NA Entertainment who continues his acting career after overcoming the misery of his incompetent agency, misses his mentor, Ju-kyung, who suddenly disappeared. At the moment, Seo Hee-jae, who looks just like Ju-kyung, walks into NA Entertainment. Woo-hyuk gets confused when he sees Hee-jae, and she intentionally approaches Ki-yoon. Who destroyed her life, and how will she get back the perfect life she lost?