Love Class: Season 1

May. 13, 2022
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Cha Ji Woo is a second-year student of Mass Communication and Journalism. He is short in stature and very gentle in nature. He is also besotted with Bae Yu Na, one of his classmates. However, she is being stalked by a mysterious individual and is afraid of all men as a result – except Ji Woo. The problem is she doesn’t really see him as a man, and this doesn’t help Ji Woo’s cause, although he will stop at nothing to protect her. But one day, a university class requires that students all pair up in “couples” to complete a project about love. Everyone forms heterosexual “couples.” However, Yu Na and a female classmate who is in love with her professor decide to team up as same-sex “couple.” That means Ji Woo must form a “couple” with a tall, confident senior student he’s never met before, Lee Ro Ah. After they begin working together, Ji Woo starts to wonder if Ro Ah likes him. And if that is the case, could his feelings for Yu Na be misplaced? And could he develop affection for Ro Ah?

  • There are still no episodes this season